10 Best Hookah Tips for Beginners


All that looks simple is not that simple. The hookah equipment you purchased from the neighborhood with planning to smoke shisha as you do at a hookah café or parlour gives you a whole different experience. But, you may find it difficult to prepare as well as the experts at the shisha bar.


The fact of the matter is that beginners end up making a mess. They set up the equipment by over-packing the bowl with favorite Shisha flavours. Word of advice is that you do not have to stuff the flavor but mix it properly and use it in the right amount. If there is no space, there is a real difficulty to heat the bowl and draw the smoke through the equipment.


Keep yourself updated with the much-needed accessories and guidelines if you are a first-time user. Do It Yourself (DIY) at home.


Get started with the 10 best hookah tips for beginners

Tip 1 - Coldwater and cubes

Every puff taken from the shisha makes bottled water warmer. Water temperature is maintained the moment you add ice cubes. The reason cubes slowly melt, and this guarantees smoking freshness. It turns out to be an enjoyable session if you pour ice-cold water or add ice at the bottom of the base. Use ice cubes or cold water each time you use it.


Tip 2 - Store tobacco you intend to smoke in a dry place

If you want it to taste fresh, store it in a dry place. You can keep the tobacco in a sealable bag so that it does not come into direct contact with the air. One of the hookah tips for beginners is to mix different ones during each session.


Tip 3 - Use a clay vortex bowl

Place the tobacco at the bottom of the vortex bowl. The holes in the bowl are right inside the cone, make sure to leave space to let the heat reach the vortex. Use a Clay vortex bowl to enhance the taste.


Tip 4 - Mix the flavours

Get an enjoyable experience. Go to a shisha shop and shop for banana, strawberry, mint, cappuccino, or apple flavor. One should not be afraid of trying other combinations. Many a time, you experiment with new ones. Discover favorite flavours. If you mix with different ones, you can enhance the taste on many occasions.


Tip 5 - Add some wine or milk

Every beginner can try pouring red wine or milk into water. Worth trying as it gives you a feeling of gratification at the time of smoking hookah.


Tip 6 - Change water

After every smoking session, you have to make it a habit to change the water present in the hookah bottle. Never use the same water for too long if you are engaged in a particular session.


Tip 7 - Appropriate tobacco is better. Adding more is not better.

Make sure to add appropriate tobacco. Do not get carried away from experiencing a soothing taste if you fill the bowl to its brim. The more you spread it, the better it works. The reason being it prevents the bowl from clogging any further. If you evenly spread it, it guarantees that tobacco juices do not enter into the vase.


Tip 8 - More than instant coals, make use of natural coals

It is the natural coal that regulates heat. It ensures tobacco does not burn. For a soothing experience, you should prefer natural ones more than instant coals. Using natural coals guarantees you no headaches. At best, choose the coal for organic tasting hookah.


Tip 9 - Clean the equipment after use

Clean the hookah from the equipment after the completion of one session. Make sure you wash the bottle, bowl, vortex, and stem. Avoid leaving it uncleaned as the burnt tobacco stains it. In a way, there is an unusual taste, especially when it comes to the next smoking session. Rinse the hose with warm water and let it dry before the session starts. In between the different sessions, clean it.


Tip 10 - Store the tobacco at a cool temperature

Store tobacco in a cool place before the session starts. However, you decide you will not smoke soon. It is best to store it at refrigerated temperature.


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