Cultivate the habit to follow 8 hookah etiquettes

Make it a practice to follow the correct etiquettes if visiting the hookah lounge with friends. Once in a while, you can be mischievous but be sure that you abide by the rules and regulations of every bar. Remember others are watching you; do not present a bad picture about yourselves.

In a way, the hookah experience is pleasurable. It is a privilege to smoke it rather than indulging in drinking habits where individuals become a nuisance to society. The issue is not about close buddies or peers who would not mind but, a lot has to do with mannerisms at Shisha Bar in Melbourne if you are relaxing and having fun.

The following Australian hookah bar etiquettes are

Etiquette 1

Never misbehave in public. If you want to smoke a cigarette, you should use a lighter and avoid using shisha charcoal. Therefore, you must avoid it at all costs as it is disrespectful in several parts of the globe.

Etiquette 2

Before leaving the hookah bar, make sure to collect the shisha hose on the chair or table. If need be, cover it at the stem and dispose of it. The message will be loud and clear to others that you completed the smoking session and leaving the place.

Etiquette 3

Think about the well-being of others. It is a bad habit to blow the smoke in others' faces. Others will not appreciate it. Take smaller puffs and slowly blow them in the air if the hookah bar is jam-packed.

Etiquette 4

Watch out and be careful. Never rotate the hose in an anti-clockwise direction but, it has to be clockwise.

Etiquette 5

Annoying if you pass the hookah hose to the person sitting in front of you at Shisha Smoking Bar in Melbourne. It is not acceptable in some parts of the globe. The correct etiquette is that you need to pass the pipe to the person sitting next to you. Make it a practice to turn the mouth suggestion if you want others should also get their turn.

Etiquette 6

If you are sitting with your friends and have a multi-hose hookah, wait for your turn. Let others too enjoy and blow the smoke. Do not rush but be courteous. Refrain from blowing in their faces. Or if you have a single hose hookah, do not take more than six puffs together; pass it on.

Etiquette 7

The more you let others realise that clean habits are necessary, the better it benefits you and others. Maintain excellent hygienic standards. If you are unwell, do not participate in any hookah activities with friends nor choose to smoke it in a group. Do not smoke without the filter pipe.

Etiquette 8

Wait for others to complete. Never overdo anything, and you should not be selfish. Every individual in the group gets 2-3 minutes to puff and pass it on to others. When you are in the team, learn to spend time wisely. Do not make smoke rings by investing 5-10 minutes. You can try these skills if you are alone or at home.

It is time you put the hookah on the floor. Every hookah bar has some house rules.

If you are a visitor, you need to follow them in the right spirit. The rules are as follows

  • •    Express concern for other smokers

A mouth suggestion always works. You do not have to hold the hose through your mouth. Otherwise, there are chances of spreading germs. Avoid attending a friend’s event if you are unwell. But if you are with your friends in the smoking lounge in Melbourne, you need to blow the smoke.

  • •    Pass the hose to others

You are not alone. But, your friends are also sitting with you. Smoke the shisha with your friends. If you pass it in a clockwise direction, it works wonders. As already mentioned, never direct hose at people.


Be courteous when interacting and sharing the hose with people at the hookah lounge. Be civilised in your approach. A visit to Smokey The Shisha Lounge is a perfect example if you want to form good habits and explore the many wonders the bar has to offer.