Learn to blow out rings at Hookah Parlours

Visiting the shisha bars in Melbourne is the best hangout spot for you to spend time with your friends and near ones. You can socialize by interacting with strangers. If you have friends, you cherish old memories with whom you have not met for a long time.

The place welcomes you even if you are a first-timer. Even if you are smoking shisha for the first time; you can get used to it overnight.

And if you have been enjoying shisha for a long time; enhance your smoking skills to form different shapes of different sizes. You are now in a better position to show off in the hookah Parlour located downtown.

The shisha bar is the right place to learn new tricks. Join smoking bar sessions by visiting the places for the first time.

Some facts about Australian bar sessions you need to know

1. Smoking shisha
Experiment with the best shisha flavours. It helps you to unwind energies whereby you smoke through the hose. The hose connects to the tobacco bowl and is the perfect mix of flavoured tobacco and ingredients. Enjoy smoking for an extended period.

If you want to know the extracts, the tobacco has the perfect combination of molasses, sugar, fruit, etc. Make use of other flavours such as apple, mint, strawberry, and cola. Heat the tobacco with the help of charcoal, coal, or wood. Soon, you will notice there is smoke billowing from the tobacco.

2. Be a smoking enthusiast as each smoking session lasts over an hour.

A lot comes with practice alone. You cannot become an expert overnight. The more you try with friends, the better it is to enhance your skills. It relaxes the mind and body.

3. Tricks
Explore different tricks while smoking shisha. You can learn the trick to blow rings. It is feasible in vaping alone wherein you make use of Shisha tricks.

It can be tricky if you do it for the first time. There are techniques to improve each time and rediscover your traits.

Practice more in an open environment that does not have the breeze. It will disrupt the smoking pattern. Opt for excellent shisha flavours soothing your throat and helps you to inhale better. Mint and fruit flavours are worth giving a try. If the area has still air, there are more chances to create and blow more smoking rings. Though it looks simple from the outside, you need to master the art through perfection.

4. Some tricks worth giving a try are

  • •    Inhaling the smoke from the shisha hose pipe
  • •    Your tongue has to be well placed. It works if it is at the mouth's bottom
  • •    It is advisable to use lips to create O-shaped ones. Form rings by tucking your lips.
  • •    Push a small portion of smoke from your mouth while using your tongue in a pulsing motion. 
  • •    Exhale smoke while tapping cheeks.
  • •    Jut jaw that helps to smoke rings faster.
  • •    Curling lips help you to smoke more and form rings.

The sizes of smoking rings depend on the way you shape your mouth. It is advisable not to hold it through your lips. But, make use of the teeth so that you can create several circles. 

5. Smoke double as well as triple rings 
Master the art of forming an O ring wherein you can create double or triple rings. It can be made a lot easier. Learn the different techniques in the smoking Parlour whereby you smoke rings listed below

  • •    Place one finger on his mouth while making double rings.
  • •    It is better to pull down your tongue after pressing and opening the mouth with ease.  
  • •    For triple rings, you should split your lips by using two fingers before exhaling smoke.

6. Tricks to blow triangle rings      
Bored and tired with O rings? The more you smoke out triangle form rings, the better it works to explore. Listed below are the smoking tricks: 

  • •    Master the art of forming O rings first before creating shapes of all sizes.
  • •    It is necessary to blow in the air an O thick ring.

7. Precision and timing help create triangles
The more you practice with your buddies, the more you experiment with many Shisha tricks, shapes, sizes, etc. Try doing it before a mirror so that you can take even breathes with the help of lips.

Learn all smoking tricks while partying with your friends. Make it a point to visit Smokey The Sheesha Lounge to enhance your smoking skills and for the right ambiance, enjoyment, and leisure.