'Shisha Lounge near me' - tops the search list for Weekend getaways

Do you start feeling spiritless as the weekdays pass by? Or Have you been slogging throughout the week?

Well, everyone deserves and needs a relaxing weekend. And there will be none who wouldn't be waiting the entire week to spend the weekend joyfully. Assume that person 1 works the entire week at the office and do not have anything to do on the weekends, and there is person two who has plans for the weekends, he goes to the shisha lounge and spends time with great food, refreshing drinks, games and smoking at the best Hookah lounge.

Out of these two, which one would you want to be? Of course, Person 2, you would never want to be like person 1.

Know why shisha smoking bars top the list of best hangout places. Read the blog.

1. Pleasurable ambiance

After working throughout the week, the beautiful ambiance at the shisha lounge looks and feels that pleases you. It takes away the entire week's tiredness and mental stress. You start feeling relaxed and happy.

2. Alluring Hookah Flavors

You can choose from the tempting hookah flavors that give you the feel and kick with every puff you smoke.

3. You can spend quality time.

When you sit at the Shisha lounge with your friends, you talk about the memories and go in that nostalgia. The best time is when you have friends around you; you are bound to enjoy every moment with your friends or the near-ones.

4. Food and Drinks

It is unnecessary to be at the shisha lounge; you must be smoking one; you can be there for great food and the refreshing drinks that pull you around, and bet you, you cannot resist them. You can munch on the best of the snacks and get high with the best mocktails.

5. Grooving music

At the shisha lounges, you can enjoy the best music that enhances your enjoyment and suits you the best with the environment around you. It is not similar to a pub; the music at the lounges is soothing.

6. Exciting Games

Along with the munching and grooving at the best music, you can also enjoy playing games at the Shisha Lounges. Most of them have various games that you can play, like pool games and others.

7. Best for any Celebrations

Whether it's a birthday or an anniversary or your appraisal party, you can treat your friends at the Shisha lounges. With great ambiance, tasty munching, games, and the best music, it makes the best place to celebrate every special day.


Even if you do not smoke hookah, you will not feel left out at the shisha lounge. One such example is Smokey The Shisha Lounge; it is one of Melbourne's best shisha lounges. Smokey offers you the hookah with a variety of flavors and with the best quality. It has the best ambiance, grooving music, great food, and refreshing mocktails. At Smokey, you can also spend your time playing pool games. So, the next time you plan your weekend, Smokey will be the top one on the list.

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