Why Visit Shisha Smoking Bar Prepare Hookah in 5 easy steps

Have you ever imagined what if you crave a hookah during the daytime and have no time to go to a Shisha Smoking bar? Or what if you want to spend time with your loved ones at your place and simultaneously desire to smoke Hookah? Or at worse, you do not have a hookah bar in your locality?


Do not depend on the Shisha smoking bar to smoke a hookah; go to a hookah shop and buy yourself one. But the question is, 'do you know how to prepare hookah? Before learning the procedure to prepare Hookah, understand its process.


How does a hookah work?

The bowl is covered with a foil with coal placed above it-the bowl is at the top of the Hookah, which holds the flavor (Shisha Tobacco). When air is sucked through the hose, heat is pulled, baking the tobacco and the smoke through the shaft. The smoke travels through the shaft to the bottom, gains thickness on passing through water and air, and becomes cool and dilute. And finally, through hose passes into your lungs.

Now it's time you buy a hookah from the hookah shop and follow the procedure to prepare one.


5 Easy steps to prepare Hookah:


1. Clean the Hookah

After every use, it is essential to clean the entire Hookah to eliminate the last use's smell. And you must also make sure that there are no ash particles stuck in the hose. You can use warm or cold water and rinse, especially the base. Make sure you use less soapy water to avoid its smell while using.

Do not clean the silicone hoses with water, as there as chances of rusting. Dry your Hookah after cleaning.


2. Fill water in the base

Pouring water in the base needs you to focus, as pouring less or more will not only spoil the entire hookah experience but also increase your work by pulling water along with the air through the hose. To pour the water, you must first fit in the shaft and measure the point where the stem ends. Make sure the stem tip is dipped in the water for about one inch. Use cold water/ iced-water for a better experience.


3. Assemble and check Air-flow

The shaft is fitted into the base with a rubber orifice. Make sure it is air-tight. Place the bowl over the shaft. Make sure the hose is connected with the shaft properly. Check the entire setup to prevent any air leakage. Test the connection by taking a puff of the Hookah and see for the trickle. To fix the bowl on the stem, you can use the tissue paper between the step and bowl.


4. Preparing Bowl

Just filling in the bowl with the flavor is not the game. Have you ever noticed a hookah preparation at a shisha smoking bar? You need to use soft hands to place the flavor; make sure you do not clog the holes. Once you are done placing the bowl's flavor, place an aluminum foil above the bowl and cover it tightly. The thicker the foil, the better control you will have on heating. Make sure the surface of the foil is smooth and flat. After you have placed the foil, you must poke holes in the foil. More the holes, more heat will flow through the bowl. It would be best to take care; the holes should not be less or more in number. The holes must be accurate. Make sure holes are not too wide; else, the coal will pierce through the foil into the bowl.


5. Place the coal

Do not use magic coal if you are looking to enjoy Hookah for a longer time. Use BBQ coal. Heat 2-3 coals and light them up. Use them at the beginning of your hookah smoking session. You can reduce it to two coals after the tobacco is heated to a limit. Use a tong to blow them up to remove the extra ash. Also, remove the ash that remains present over the foil. While smoking or pulling in the air through a hose, you find smoke in the bowl; you must remove the coal and let the Hookah cool down. Place the coal back after 10-15 minutes and continue enjoying the Hookah.



Now when you know the entire process of preparing a hookah, you can start preparing at your place. But if you want to enjoy the ambiance, snacks, refreshing mocktails, and more, you must switch to the shisha smoking bar. One such place is Smokey The Shisha Lounge; visiting it is one of the best things to do in Melbourne. If you happen to be in Melbourne, do not miss a chance to visit Smokey- the shisha lounge.