Top 5 Australian shisha flavors of all time

Choosing one shisha flavour over the other is a Herculean task. The list of fruit flavours does not end as each one is having a unique taste. The next time you are visiting a hookah parlour with friends, make sure you include a list of popular ones that come in handy. You can smoke them in any season, be it summer, winter, fall, or autumn.

Unlike smoking cigars and cigarettes, it is hookah cafe that offers you a variety of options to try. It is shisha that offers the most diverse options due to its smell and taste. You prefer them owing to the richness of the fruit in its taste and aroma. The better the taste, the more you enjoy every moment. Let’s get started and find out the top 5 best ones everyone should prefer in any season.

Here are the top 5 Australian shisha flavors

1). Double Apple

What makes the double apple popular is its strong essence. It is the crispy taste of fresh apples that are hand-plucked. Double apple is one of the top shisha flavours recognised due to its refreshing aroma.
Every seasoned smoker will prefer the double apple that is cherished by newbies and other seasoned smokers. It creates a sweet taste like nectar. If you mix the mint variety to the double apple, it suits you rather than adding any other hookah one. Other fruit varieties will not gel well with the double apple. 

2). Blueberry

Without any doubt, you can prefer blueberry described as a popular choice for beginners. The blueberry gives you a smooth rich taste. Inhaling the dense smoke is due to its rich taste.
Alongside it, it leaves a superb and pleasant fragrance across the room with a smoking session prolonging.


If you want to get tartness shisha taste, you should not miss the orange variety. Its taste can get intense with the smoke rich and fresh. Every puff you take is lively owing to tangy, juicy, and citrus variety. The tartness of fresh oranges will not fade away.

The strong essence of orange is overwhelming due to the intense and rich citrus taste. Keep in mind not to overheat as the taste might ruin the experience. You can also use any of the flavors that have orange in them.

4)Paan blast

If you want to make the evening memorable and special, you should not miss the paan blast. It gives the user lasting happiness. The more you smoke it, the more it reminds you of real paan. You feel as though you are chewing real paan. The lasting feeling makes you spend long hours in the company of friends.

5)Paan Rasna

It is an amazing experience if you want to try paan shisha flavour. It provides you with a mixture of pomegranate and cherry that gives you a lasting rich aroma experience. The mint taste leaves you feeling amazing and fresh.

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