Try out 9 summer flavors at this Shisha Smoking bar in Melbourne

Never say no to your friends’ invitation. You might regret it if you fail to accompany them to a popular Melbourne hookah or shisha smoking bar. Your classmates had taken out time to participate. They were smoking and partying amid music that rents the air. Besides, you see crowds dancing to the tunes.

In any season, it is the perfect time to enjoy in the company of close friends and well-wishers.

But, what makes the place unique and special? Why not miss it? You want answers to these questions.
Make it a point to visit the hookah bar for all fun and excitement. It is a happening place with youngsters and adults smoking hookahs of different flavors. The more you smoke, the more you are lost in nostalgia. You did not expect and like to do for hours. Besides, recall the time spent in school and happy days.

But if you visit the bar for the first time, you will be amazed to see the different hookah flavors
Smokey - The Sheesha Lounge offers.

Try the many flavors of Australian-colored tobacco in the Melbourne hookah bar.

List of favorite flavors preferred by youngsters are-

1. Paan blast
Make your evening special with the paan blast. Mint added in it gives a refreshing feeling. The smoke reminds you of chewing real paan. It gives you a lasting feeling where you spend time hours together.

2. Mind freezer
The freezer is a respite from the heat and helps those having a tiring day at workplaces. It soothes the mind and body. The mind freezer has a cooling effect as the ingredients in it are of different mint flavors. One should not miss it. Do not miss the opportunity but use it on several occasions.  

3. Paan
Ask for simple paan if you are tired of paan blast. The bartender at the shisha smoking bar in Melbourne helps you to prepare and smoke. You and your friends will not get bored and try the unique flavor umpteen times.

You love the smell. Undoubtedly, grapes are summer’s delight. Rather than sipping vodka, you want to take regular puffs in between while having a conversation with friends. The rich aroma makes you stress-free, thus relaxing your mind and body. 

5. Apple
We often hear the proverb; an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Give yourself a break. Similar to consuming the fruit, add apple slices along with the Sheesha apple pack. Prepare and enjoy the fragrance while smoking.   

6. Ti Amo
Treat your partner with the Ti Amo cocktail. It consists of fruit and a smooth mix. Besides, the right combination of floral scents and molasses makes your evening more memorable.  

7. Mint
Mint is one of the best homemade shishas. Add garlic, onion, and honey to it, along with loose tobacco. Once in a while, you can prepare it at your home.

8. Watermelon
Ask the bartender to place the watermelon in the hookah. He will slice it and add it to the base of the hookah. Once you add tobacco leaves, you can enjoy the comforts you were missing for a long. 

9. Grape mint
Classic or simple grape and mint is worth trying if you are partying with your friends at the hookah bar. Add cloves and other spices that give you soothing relief to your throat. Make the most of the grape mint. It is something you cannot afford to miss.

Well, these are some of the many flavors you can try at the bar. Make yourself comfortable while visiting the popular Melbourne bar, Smokey - The Sheesha Lounge. It is a perfect place to hang out and brings memories of the past. Time well spent and with different flavors tested and tried makes you visit the bar often. Never miss the opportunity to visit the
best shisha bar in Melbourne.